Kindness Award

Kindness Award

Kindness Awards provide an opportunity to celebrate expressions of kindness from individuals in the community. When the nomination form is open, you have the opportunity to introduce us to someone who makes kindness a priority AND could use a dose of kindness returned to them. Kindness begets kindness--after all.

The Kindness Award is intended to illuminate the work people are doing to show up and see others in the community; it also provides an opportunity to add a little adventure to our story by returning the favor of kindness to someone who is not expecting it. 

Nominations for our Kindness Award can be submitted until April 1st at 11:59pm.
Nominate someone here.

Previous Kindness Award winners include a Meals on Wheels volunteer, a Physician, an Elementary Principal, a Coach, a Single Mother, a Department Manager. We have enjoyed surprising each winner, and we cannot wait to meet our next one. You can nominate as many kind individuals as you know, but you have to fill out a nomination form for each one. You can do that here.

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Previous Kindness Award Winners


Alyssa DeLosSantos

Storyteller, Hope Hunter, Ragamuffin