SowKind is an effort to scatter kindness in communities and around the world. It is driven by an intentional decision to elevate others. Kindness is a universal language that can bridge the greatest of divides.

SowKind began as a belief in the ability to make a difference by releasing words of encouragement. When kindness ripples, similar to the idea of "paying it forward", the impact is immeasurable. Kindness changes the giver and receiver.

Bob Goff, author of Love Does, often encourages his audiences to tell the people in their life who they are becoming. Instead of holding someone in the position of who they were, calling out the good you see in them invites them to step into newness. That's an appealing challenge. Why not call out the gifting you see in someone? What if, like many of us, they have been busy rehearsing their failures? Think about teachers, adults, neighbors, family friends, doctors, relatives, coaches, or those that share your address. Could any of them benefit from a strong dose of kindness? What would happen if you told them how meaningful they were/are in your life? Does someone come to mind right away? Start your #sowkind with that person. Tell the leader how the interest they took in your life made an impact. Call out the good qualities you see in the struggling teen. Remind the widow how their tenacity is inspiring. Encourage the mother living at the hospital with her sick child. Send a package to a college student or discouraged friend. Leave an anonymous note of kindness on the windshield of the car parked next to you at the grocery store.

How often do you think kind things about someone that you never vocalize? Maybe they're held hostage in your head because fear tells you they might not be well-received. Maybe it feels too vulnerable. Brene Brown says we are hardwired for connection. Turns out, vulnerability is the pathway to connection. This movement is the perfect time to give away the kindness you've been rehearsing in your head. For this to become a ripple, I need YOU. Are you up for sharing this within your circles, on social media, and with anyone that has ears? Don't hesitate to invite your book clubs, bunco groups, lunch buddies, teammates, study partners, co-workers, and siblings to join in.

SowKind isn't new, it's now! 


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Alyssa DeLosSantos

Storyteller, Hope Hunter, Ragamuffin